Konservatorieuddannet violinist på internationalt niveau underviser begyndere, øvede og viderekomne. Også god til at undervise børn. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk

About Sabina:
Sabina is a solo violinist, graduated at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Sabina has performed with many international orchestras including London Symphony Orchestra, Copenhagen Philharmonic and Faroe Islands Symphony Orchestra.

Sabina is the finalist of Premio Citta di Padova International Competition. Sabina was a full-scholarship student during her studies at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London and was awarded a scholarship of Royal Danish Academy of Music based on the solo competition. She currently plays on Johannes Cuypers 1715 Violin, generously loaned by the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

About her teaching Sabina says:
During years of my education in Denmark and the UK, I have undoubtedly had the best opportunity to learn from the world-leading pedagogues, violinists and conductors. I believe that friendly approach and sharing love for music with every single student at any age is a key to the greatest results.

I believe that both musicality and violin technique can be learned from the very early age. I am a very encouraging person, supporting and motivating my students. All beginners, intermediate and advanced players are welcome to participate. My classes provide you with the soloist level and complete musical experience. You will study theory and theory in practice, different music styles and violin techniques. Classes are held in friendly and professional environment.

Teaching is having place in my private apartment, unless the driving fee as well as travel time will be deducted.

50 pct. i rabat på introlektionen
Som ny elev får du 50 pct. i rabat på de første 30 minutter af introlektionen, hvis du køber mindst et 5-turs kort efterfølgende.

Underviser også hos dig?

Ja. Kørselsgebyr skal påregnes. Ellers foregår undervisningen i eget øvelokale.


30 minutter: 250 kr.
45 minutter: 350 kr.
60 minutter: 450 kr.


5 ture: indkassering af introrabat.
10 ture: 5 pct. i rabat og introrabat.
15 ture: 7 pct. i rabat og introrabat.
20 ture: 8 pct. i rabat og introrabat.
25 ture: 10 pct. i rabat og introrabat.
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