Dygtig, international saxofonist fra konservatoriet underviser alle aldre og niveauer. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk.

About Tadas
Tadas is an upcoming young jazz saxophonist with a promising career ahead of him. Right now Tadas is Master degree
student in The Royal Academy of Music Aalborg.

Tadas started his career in his home country Lithuania as a bandleader of a modern jazz band “TribalVibe” which was officially recognized as one of the most perspective young Lithuanian bands. Later on, he continued his career in Denmark (which is his current residence country) where he began performing together with recognized young jazz
artists as Mads Houe Sørensen, Salvador Olmos, Morten Poulsen and many others.

In 2016 he was touring in Malta (featuring jazz fusion band “The Ranch”, collaborating with Manuel Pulis and Glen Montanaro) and Italy (collaborating with Michele Zuccarelli Gennasi and Iacopo Schiavo). Also, it is the second year of his collaboration with Palestinian music artists.

50 pct. på din første lektion
Hvis du som ny elev efter introlektionen som minimum køber et 5-turs kort, får du 50 pct. rabat på introlektionen (30 min.).

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