Konservatorieuddannet trompetist underviser på alle niveauer og i mange genrer. Undervisningen foregår på engelsk.

Eyal – Trumpet Teacher for all levels 
”My name is Eyal and I am a trumpet player and teacher from Israel. I finished my bachelor studies in 2013 in The Jerusalem Academy of Music, Israel and my master degree in Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus, in 2016.

Apart of my studies, I also played for 3 years in the Israeli Radio Orchestra – Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. During the years, I gained experience in teaching different levels and ages of students from very beginners and young pupils to high school students. I worked with groups and singles as well.

My studies in Aarhus gave me many tools to understand the technique behind trumpet and brass playing and helped me to identify, avoid and solve problems while playing. All of that with a very friendly, positive and fun approach. In addition, my master thesis was dealing with performance anxiety and after researching that area I learned many techniques and strategies to come on stage much more secure and positive.”

50 pct. på din første lektion
Book en lektion med Eyal og få 50 pct i rabat på introlektionen (30 min.), hvis du mindst køber et 5-turs kort efterfølgende.

Underviser også hos dig?

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30 minutter: 200 kr.
45 minutter: 275 kr.
60 minutter: 350 kr.


5 ture: indkassering af introrabat.
10 ture: 5 pct. i rabat og introrabat.
15 ture: 7 pct. i rabat og introrabat.
20 ture: 8 pct. i rabat og introrabat.
25 ture: 10 pct. i rabat og introrabat.